Personalized audiology and hearing aid services so you can hear more clearly and be more engaged.

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Providing individualized hearing care for 40 years

Better hearing is a journey you don’t have to navigate alone. A full, connected life is at your fingertips, you just need to take the step to get there. Pacific Hearing Service makes it easy, giving you precisely the hearing care you need.

For over 40 years, Pacific Hearing Service has provided the best personalized care available. Our fine-tuned process allows you to get to the bottom of your hearing loss. As we navigate your route to better hearing, you will find all of your questions answered and your concerns alleviated. From the minute you step through our door to years down the road, your care will always come first. Pacific Hearing Service is care you deserve.

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The doctors at Pacific Hearing Service are always friendly, courteous, and helpful. I can once again hear the San Francisco Symphony perfectly.

– David Sachs, M.D., Patient

Your Plan for Better Hearing

1. Diagnostic Evaluation

Our hearing evaluation gets to the bottom of your hearing loss. We will find out exactly what’s going on by learning about you and how hearing loss has affected your life.

2. Recommendation

We will discuss your results and the best course of action to fit your hearing with your individual lifestyle. You will fully understand what your options are and what you feel most comfortable with.

3. Fit Hearing Devices

Our doctors of audiology will properly fit the hearing aids just for you. Your comfort wearing the devices and how to use them is of utmost importance.

4. Follow-up

During the first year of your fitting, you can come in for a follow-up appointment. We offer complimentary walk-in services for repairs and cleaning of your devices, as well as free battery replacement.

Personalized services to provide you the best hearing

Using the best technology available, we determine exactly how to treat your hearing loss in the most effective way. Our processes are curated to provide individualized results for each of our patients, giving us the ability to stop hearing loss in its tracks.

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Full Diagnostic

A thorough evaluation creates a personalized hearing profile that allows us to see the right course of action for your hearing loss.

The Best Technology

We provide you with a variety of hearing aid options, giving you the ability to choose the hearing device that meets all your needs.

19-Point Inspection

Ensure your devices are always working at the highest quality by returning to our office every six months. We will personally put your devices to the test.


We create a customized tinnitus program to meet your individual needs, providing you with the most effective plan for relief.

Patient Testimonials

“My wife's hearing aid quit in AM; she had a stroke in PM. Without the hearing aid she could not hear doctors or instructions. Natalie Dedrick immediately set me up with loaner hearing device which helped my wife dramatically during recovery. Outstanding personality and customer service!”


“I find working more enjoyable now because of the efforts of Pacific Hearing Service. My activities have been significantly enhanced through the work of Dr. Rachel Otto.”


“I am enjoying conversation with friends and family life, in general, more because of the help I have received at Pacific Hearing Service. The front office staff is great and Dr. Brook is so helpful and patient we wish we would have come in sooner!”

A New Client

“My husband and I would like to thank you for your patience and professionalism in helping us over the difficult hurdle of using hearing aids. I was particularly negative at first. You were sympathetic, but firm in educating and continuing the process of fitting and adjusting the hearing aids to meet our specific requirements. Our first meeting after two weeks of using our new hearing aids was very constructive. Brook listened to our daily trials and experiences and solved the few minor problems that arose. It is a month now and both of us feel quite comfortable wearing our hearing aids a full day. I have gone from a negative to a positive approach and attitude.”


“Being able to hear better has helped the depression I was feeling. My new hearing devices have improved my tinnitus, music appreciation and enjoyment of playing golf. Brook Raguskus has been very patient and understanding.
I have been coming to Pacific Hearing Service for many years and always have received the most professional care. The front office staff also is friendly and kind and helpful.”

Joan Wilson

“Having spent years now with an 85% hearing loss in my right ear, I decided to consult with Pacific Hearing Service to understand what technology advancements had occurred more recently in hearing devices. From battling through cross-talk during business meetings to straining at the movie theater to hear my kids’ whispers, I was growing increasingly uncomfortable that I was missing important information.

The new device that Dr. Raguskus showed me was so elegant and inconspicuous, it was almost invisible to others.

The moment I put it in my ear, the difference was impressive. I was immediately hearing sounds I wasn’t able to pick up before and the comfort and sound quality was amazing.

Thank you, Dr. Raguskus, for giving me back my hearing!”

Brian C.

“I cannot thank you enough for dramatically improving my mother-in-law's hearing with the new hearing aid devices you have customized for her. This has drastically improved our relationship as she has become interactive again. She can listen and respond and so she asks questions and inquires more about our lives.

Who knew that better hearing could lead to an improved relationship! Wow! And thank you for improving my hearing by the quarterly ear cleaning that is required almost every time I get on an airplane.”

Daughter of Patient

“Pacific Hearing has been a great partner over the years. They always make sure that I get the right hearing instruments for my needs, and then optimize them for my specific hearing profile. This has had a huge impact on my business success, enabling me to hear everything whether in crowded meetings, formal presentations, or on my cell phone.

An extra bonus, my blue-tooth enabled hearing aids are hands-down the coolest personal technology around: I am the envy of all the engineers in my company!”


“[Pacific Hearing Service] has improved my hearing far more than I could have hoped. You took out the harsh sounds and made hearing almost pleasant. I can even hear the TV, which surprised me. I said 'hear,' but I mean understand. I talked to my son on the phone at length, something I had not been able to do....You have amazed me!”


“My social interactions are more enjoyable because of the help I received at Pacific Hearing Service. The hearing devices have especially improved my musical appreciation. The staff, including Dr. Debbie Clark and everyone in the front office, are professional and make the visits easy.”

Maureen Maino

“I can hear conversations and whispers now, I didn't realize I was missing so much! Dr Rachel Otto was exceptionally good--patient and caring. I never realized I would have so much guidance.”

Betty C. Schott

“Just about everything I do has been made more enjoyable because of the help I received at Pacific Hearing Service. I would not manage without my hearing aids and the help I have gotten. Brook Raguskus, AuD, and all the people who work here are so helpful. I highly recommend this service.”

Floy Marks

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Phone: (650) 854-1980

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Los Altos Office

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Success Stories

We believe in providing the best care possible so you can flourish. Gain control of your life and reconnect with yourself and the world around you. You deserve the best care possible, and you can find it right here at Pacific Hearing Services. See how our patients took the initiative to take back their life.


It was a struggle to participate in business meetings - I just couldn't hear my co-workers. I felt embarrassed until I met Pacific Hearing Service. They helped me get my hearing back. Not only can I hear more clearly, I'm more confident at work.


It was a struggle to participate in business meetings - I just couldn't hear my co-workers. I felt embarrassed until I met Pacific Hearing Service. They helped me get my hearing back. Not only can I hear more clearly, I'm more confident at work.


Hiking is my favorite thing to do on the weekends, but with my hearing loss, I felt unsafe to hike alone. That's when I met Pacific Hearing - they fit with me hearing aids that are durable and give me really clear sound. Now, I'm no longer fearful and can freely hike!


Hearing loss will leave you feeling frustrated and isolated if you leave it untreated. At Pacific Hearing Service, we can break down your hearing loss into a treatable condition with a process and treatment plan designed just for you. Imagine the life you could live if your hearing loss was no longer an obstacle. The cost is too great to ignore your hearing loss.

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Providing the Gift of Hearing to people around the world

As we provide the best care for our patients, we’ve come to recognize the overwhelming need for exceptional hearing healthcare around the world. As part of Entheos Hearing Cooperative, our practices have the opportunity to give the Gift of Hearing locally and abroad. Not only are we providing others with a renewed sense of purpose, we’re finding greater fulfillment in our own calling as audiological professionals.

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